Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm A Good/Big Boy...

Sorry for the lack of posting lately... the parents have been busy with this "work" thing of their's, and it's hard for me to type with my big paws. Anyway...

Feeling better... no more throwing up or anything, which is good for everyone. I probably ate something I shouldn't have, and that was it. Everything in the yard just tastes so good!

Today, the parents went off to some place called "breakfast." They didn't take me with them, which was terrible. But... they did leave me home alone in the house... not in the little bathroom where I normally stay when no one is home. They wanted to see if they could trust me. Well, I am a good boy! All I did was sleep! The couch is so much more comfy than the little bed I have. Take a look!

I'm going to be a single parent woofer for most of the week. Dad has to go out of town twice and mom has to go out of town once. After today, I don't think we'll all be together until Saturday afternoon. Sad... but as long as I have the smooshy couch to lay on, I'll get by.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Negative is Good, Right?

The Vet called... turns out my tests came back negative, which is actually good. People are weird... why is negative a good thing? Shouldn't they way "hey Mac, we have positive results for you!' ? Oh well... just happy I don't have any worms inside me... that's nasty.
Dad is heading out to play golf... it's 100 degrees! He's nuts! I foresee a bit of this in my future today... a little pooside woofering. I like laying by the water and then getting up for a nap under the shaded table.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sick... Kinda

I went to the vet this afternoon. The mom and dad got nervous because I've done some throwing up the last couple days... nothing major, but they are very protective. I also had a little tiny bump on my shoulder, so they wanted to get that checked out. So, I had a needle in my arm and a thermometer in my butt! That is not a fun way to spend the afternoon! Now they'll be following me around with a little plastic cup to put my poop in... humans are weird.

I did find out that I weigh 58.8 pounds... the vet person said that I am a very physically fit Basset Hound. With the exception of the vomiting and mystery bumps of course.

I'll keep you posted... nothing to worry about though.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some FAQs About Mac

Not an awful lot to report lately, so I thought I'd take a minute to go through some FAQs about me.

Do you have any nicknames? Do I! I am affectionately refered to as Mac, Mackie, Little Woofer, LW (for Little Woofer), Mac the Dude, Mac a dude, Macmanus (when I am bad), Little Man, and of course, The Baron.

Who is your best friend? Hmmmm... tough one. I love all my woofer peeps. Daisy is the best. I also love Buttercup and the crazy pool woofers that visit from time to time.

Mama's boy or Daddy's boy? Mama. Dad is cool, but mama is all about the snuggling and sleeping.

Favorite food? Dad's grilled chicken, but I don't get it often. I actually don't eat a lot... the vet says it is good that I regulate my own weight. Sometimes I won't eat for a day, and then mom will hand feed me. Hahaha... sucker.

Favorite treat? Dingos! And these little peanut butter cookie things they give me to go into my room in the morning.

Arch nemesis? Rabbits. Actually, I don't mind them... I just want to lick them, I swear!

Favorite activities? Sleeping, cuddling, watching home shows with mom, watching golf with dad (I like watching the ball roll on the green...), walks with grandma, time with other woofers, sleeping (I really like to sleep), chasing rabbits, barking.

Favorite toy? I've destroyed most of my poofy toys, but I still like chewing on all of them. I have one we call "long woofer" because it is a big long stretch looking dog... he's fun to chew. I'll retrieve a tennis ball once or twice, but I get bored with that pretty easily.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Going to the Spa...

My parents are going out of town this weekend, so it is off to the "puppy spa" for me... I know that Ernest is always talking about going into "lockdown", but our facilities are actually pretty nice... I get massages, manicures, special treats, a "suite", and my own TV. It's pretty cool. I wouldn't want to do it for too long, but for a couple days, it's nice.

I'll blog at y'all next week... woofs.