Saturday, June 30, 2007


I love rabbits... love to chase 'em... love to look at 'em... and if I could ever get one, I am sure I'd love to play with one. Mom and dad don't see it that way though. They think I want to eat them.

Last night, dad took me out back to do some business. On the way back in, my nose led me to a bush that had some smaller baby rabbits in it. They squealed and ran away, and then dad yelled at me. He went looking for them this morning, and found one. This is a bush with some pretty flowers near our pool...

And this is what dad found hiding in the bush this morning.

Now I don't get to go out to the backyard/pool area today or tomorrow... stupid rabbits.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stupid Rain

All of this rain is aggravating... I can't go outside and play, so I watch the rabbits from the Mac Window near the front door.

After a little while, this was boring... so I jumped on the leather couch. I am not supposed to go on the leather couch, but I got in a little nap before anyone noticed.

Once I was discovered, I had to get down... I camped out by the front door again, hoping for the rain to stop. Stupid rain.

Yeah, this stupid rain is really cutting into my rabbit hunting. And my laying by the pool time.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Side Yard Woofering

When mom and dad and Killian came to meet me at the breeder's house in Cisco, they found a happy little woofer. But one who lived outside. I didn't care for living outside much... Just look at me, a few weeks into moving in with the family... I obviously am an inside woofer.

When we moved from the apartment to my house in Plano last year, I was very excited because I'd have the best of both worlds. A big indoor dog house, and my own private side yard. It's a good place to let nature run its course, and it is also an excellent yard for rabbit hunting, although I never can catch one.

Here I am, running around in my little side yard... the rabbits get in (and out... darn it) under that swinging door at the end.

There is some kind of apple tree or something back there... I don't like apples. I prefer kibble.

I like this blog stuff... they have to give me treats to get me to pose. Suckers!

No more photos! The paparazzi around here can be annoying at times... especially when they run out of treats.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I am sad to report that Killian went away yesterday, to a better place... a place where he had strong legs and a bowl full of roast beef whenever he wanted it. Mom and dad and I are all very sad, and miss Killian terribly, but we know he is happy again. Killian passed away in dad's arms, as strong and proud as ever.

These are some pictures of my brother, and best woofer friend.
Killian dressed up like the devil on Halloween.
Killian and mom, last summer. As usual, I am trying to get in the photo.

Killian as a puppy. He was being trained as a police dog, but he didn't like the gunshots and was put up for adoption. That is how mom found him. Right after that, mom had surgery on her feet and couldn't walk for a few weeks, and Killian never left her side.

Killian and dad, in the condo in Queens.

The whole family/pack. This was during mom and dad's engagement photos last summer.

We love you Killian... be a good boy.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


(From Mac's dad)

Mac's brother, Killian, took a turn for the worse this week. He's an older dog (14) who has been dealing with diabetes (we have to give him insulin shots after he eats) and blindness for a few years now. He's been a really strong and proud dog despite some of his issues, but this week we started noticing that his legs are really getting weak. It saddens us a great deal, but we've decided that the most humane course of action is to put Killian down. We have an appointment with our vet for Saturday morning at 8... we are holding out a slim hope that the doctor will say that he is actually OK, but there is little chance of that. He's lived a long and proud life, and we want to make sure his time with us ends with as much dignity and pride as possible.

This is one of the hardest decisions we've ever made, but we know it is for the best. We're sure Mac is going to be very sad, but we also know that he'll understand.

Mac will be back next week to blog, but for the next few days our little pack is going to stick close together.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Baron Von Woofer: A Brief History

My nickname may seem weird to some... but you should meet my parents. Before I became part of the family, Killian reigned supreme. Mom said he was "her little prince." When I did make my first appearance back in Christmas of 2005, they dubbed me "The Baron" as I had to show some deference to Killian. The mom and dad refer to all dogs as "woofers" so the nickname "Baron Von Woofer" came about rather quickly.

Like I said, my parents are a little weird.

Anyway, dad is going away for a couple days... some kind of business trip. I don't understand it all, but I know it keeps kibble in the bowl, so it's OK. I probably won't post anything new until he gets back. In the meantime, here are some old school Mac photos.
This was my first day with the family, back in our old apartment. Killian and I took a nap together.
This is me, outside the apartment. We found out that I had some sickness called "puppy strangles" which is why my face is all red and puffy. Mom saved my life by taking me to the vet. I had to take steroids and other medicine. Despite the steroids, I did not grow up to be a Great Dane. Good thing... I like being a Basset.
My first bath. I hate baths.

This is me just being cute. Now you can see why Daisy digs me.

This is me and mom laying out by the pool this spring. Dad was cutting the grass. Too bad for him... should have bought three lounge chairs. We've been in our house for a year, and it's great. I have my own yard to run around in and chase rabbits... never catch any though.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hi Everyone

My name is Mac. I am a Basset Hound living in Plano, Texas with my mom, dad, and big brother... Killian. I started this blog because to let the world in on my daily observations. Come back often.

This is a picture of me last year on my birthday... my birthday is on Halloween, so we had a costume party.

I dressed up as Superman.

This is my girlfriend, Daisy. She lives down the street.

This is me with Killian. He's a big woofer. When I first came along, he didn't like me too much, but we get along now... as long as I stay out of his stuff. He's a good brother though...