Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some FAQs About Mac

Not an awful lot to report lately, so I thought I'd take a minute to go through some FAQs about me.

Do you have any nicknames? Do I! I am affectionately refered to as Mac, Mackie, Little Woofer, LW (for Little Woofer), Mac the Dude, Mac a dude, Macmanus (when I am bad), Little Man, and of course, The Baron.

Who is your best friend? Hmmmm... tough one. I love all my woofer peeps. Daisy is the best. I also love Buttercup and the crazy pool woofers that visit from time to time.

Mama's boy or Daddy's boy? Mama. Dad is cool, but mama is all about the snuggling and sleeping.

Favorite food? Dad's grilled chicken, but I don't get it often. I actually don't eat a lot... the vet says it is good that I regulate my own weight. Sometimes I won't eat for a day, and then mom will hand feed me. Hahaha... sucker.

Favorite treat? Dingos! And these little peanut butter cookie things they give me to go into my room in the morning.

Arch nemesis? Rabbits. Actually, I don't mind them... I just want to lick them, I swear!

Favorite activities? Sleeping, cuddling, watching home shows with mom, watching golf with dad (I like watching the ball roll on the green...), walks with grandma, time with other woofers, sleeping (I really like to sleep), chasing rabbits, barking.

Favorite toy? I've destroyed most of my poofy toys, but I still like chewing on all of them. I have one we call "long woofer" because it is a big long stretch looking dog... he's fun to chew. I'll retrieve a tennis ball once or twice, but I get bored with that pretty easily.


Kerrio said...

Tealeaf is the nemesis of all soft toys. They are woosy. Especially anything with logs/wings etc

Baron Von Woofer said...

I like tearing the stuffing out of my toys... the mom and dad bought me some new plushy toys that they stuff assorted stuff into, and I pull it out... I could do that for hours. They can do it for about 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the q&a - I feel like I know you a little better - you sound like fun (when you're not sleeping!!!)