Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Mike Vick...

I think you are a very bad man. My dad says that indictments are easy to come by, and that you are innocent until proven guilty... but I think you are a very bad man. What kind of man allows woofer fighting at his house? And I don't mean the playful fighting like me and Daisy on my birthday...

I mean the bad fighting. The fighting where woofers get hurt really bad, or worse. Who do you think you are? What makes you so insecure that you have to build your ego through woofer fights? Woofers are good people, and only act the way they did when they are forced to. No woofer should be forced to act that way. Woofers are full of love.

You have all the resources and money and kibble in the world... you could have been such a good woofer daddy, but instead, you are the worst. Even if you didn't do it yourself, you allowed it to happen. You are a bad man.

I hope you get what you really deserve, you terrible awful man.

- Mac aka Baron Von Woofer

p.s. You suck at quarterback too.


Ferndoggle said...

Yes, yes, yes...he's a very bad man & make our Mom say very naughty words. We were planning on sending him a giant box of poop, but figure that's too good for him.

And he is a stinky quarterback!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

THE ZOO said...

wes agree completly. owr beans said everything he did to the doggies should be done to him and more soo. diggies is innocent creatures. we know the law says innocent until proven guilty but come on.

and we agree hes a sucky quaterback.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

We have read this on a few of our friends' blogs and we think it is terrible.

If it is true we think it would be very good if all Americans told him he sucked at quarterback (whatever that is).

We don't think he would like that. Macho pride and all that sort of trash.


nm said...


Right on bro.