Monday, July 9, 2007

Pool Party!!!

(quick question... is anyone else having trouble trying to insert a title in the 'title' box?)

Mom and dad are planning a woofer pool party! We had one last month, and it was big fun. I was exhausted. They have friends with woofers, and those crazy woofers ACTUALLY JUMP IN THE POOL! My little basset legs and big basset belly don't like the water, so I watch them go nuts. We also run around and get treats while the two-leggeds drink beer.

Here are photos from the last pool party!

This is Murphy... he's part fish. He liked the water more than he liked the land!

That's Sophie on the chair with her mom... As you can see, I was quite tired at this point, and I look like I am about to die. Sometimes I make the funniest woofer faces.

Our next woofer pool party is scheduled for the last week in July. I have no idea when that is, but I hope it is soon!


Kerrio said...

Oooh I wish we had a pool. Mind you it's not THAT hot here.

And yes - I'm having problems with that pesky title box. grr.

Snogs from the dogs

Baron Von Woofer said...

Blogger is stupid, but free.

The pool is nice to lay around, but I won't go in! Bassets are not built for swimmmin'... we're built for layin' by the pool.