Thursday, June 21, 2007


(From Mac's dad)

Mac's brother, Killian, took a turn for the worse this week. He's an older dog (14) who has been dealing with diabetes (we have to give him insulin shots after he eats) and blindness for a few years now. He's been a really strong and proud dog despite some of his issues, but this week we started noticing that his legs are really getting weak. It saddens us a great deal, but we've decided that the most humane course of action is to put Killian down. We have an appointment with our vet for Saturday morning at 8... we are holding out a slim hope that the doctor will say that he is actually OK, but there is little chance of that. He's lived a long and proud life, and we want to make sure his time with us ends with as much dignity and pride as possible.

This is one of the hardest decisions we've ever made, but we know it is for the best. We're sure Mac is going to be very sad, but we also know that he'll understand.

Mac will be back next week to blog, but for the next few days our little pack is going to stick close together.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

You've not said much about Killian (not surprising - it's a new blog), but he looks beautiful in the photos.

One of our dogs was poorly one day and we called the vet. But it was Sunday, and they never got back, so we had another three wonderful months with him ( he was ok, a bit slower than he used to be - as they are at 14 or so - and then one night he went in his own time).

So sorry about your news.

Pippa and Kate

Kerrio said...

Very sorry to hear your news about Killian.

No matter how long a dog lives, it is never enough.