Monday, June 25, 2007

Side Yard Woofering

When mom and dad and Killian came to meet me at the breeder's house in Cisco, they found a happy little woofer. But one who lived outside. I didn't care for living outside much... Just look at me, a few weeks into moving in with the family... I obviously am an inside woofer.

When we moved from the apartment to my house in Plano last year, I was very excited because I'd have the best of both worlds. A big indoor dog house, and my own private side yard. It's a good place to let nature run its course, and it is also an excellent yard for rabbit hunting, although I never can catch one.

Here I am, running around in my little side yard... the rabbits get in (and out... darn it) under that swinging door at the end.

There is some kind of apple tree or something back there... I don't like apples. I prefer kibble.

I like this blog stuff... they have to give me treats to get me to pose. Suckers!

No more photos! The paparazzi around here can be annoying at times... especially when they run out of treats.


Tealeaf said...


It's true, bloggin is us dogs' way of getting extra treats.

Those humans are so slow to catch on!



Baron Von Woofer said...

Yes, but they made me do extra exercise this morning! Sometimes the humans are one step ahead... I guess I'll just sleep in all day.

I added your blog to my sidebar... I'll be checking in on you and the other woofers.

- mac

nm said...

I have yet to get any treats for blogging, but I am wondering if you could teach your peeps to make you apple turnovers, they are excellent.

Really buttery pastry is the key!


nm said...

p.s. stay dry buddy!

Baron Von Woofer said...

Hmmmm.... those sound tasty.

Dry? My feet get wet every time I step outside! This rain nonsense is making life very difficult. I haven't been able to roll around in the grass for days!