Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hi Everyone

My name is Mac. I am a Basset Hound living in Plano, Texas with my mom, dad, and big brother... Killian. I started this blog because to let the world in on my daily observations. Come back often.

This is a picture of me last year on my birthday... my birthday is on Halloween, so we had a costume party.

I dressed up as Superman.

This is my girlfriend, Daisy. She lives down the street.

This is me with Killian. He's a big woofer. When I first came along, he didn't like me too much, but we get along now... as long as I stay out of his stuff. He's a good brother though...


nm said...


Welcome to the world of blogging bassetdom and those with longer legs who wish they were bassets.

I am jealous that you have a brother who can help you get things off the counter and a girlfriend who is your height.

I was a triceratops for halloween, but I did not like the hat, so my mom wore it. I then resembled an alligator.

I'll post a picture while i'm in lockdown.



Kerrio said...

Hey Mac!

Welcome to the world of dog blogging. Can't wait to read all your adventures. A Basset Superman? Very funny!!

Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

PS we don't actually HAVE a wrinly dwarf (Basset) in the family, but we did foster General Jackson for a couple of months and it's our fault he has a blog.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hello Mac

Been reading kerrio's dogs' blog so thought we'd come & say hi and welcome.

Catch you later

Ruffs Pippa (a Spanish sheepdog - I think I'm the only one - that blogs anyway!)

General Jackson said...

Hi Mac!

Good to see another Basset on the Blog scene.

I would find a brother very handy but I am not sure my dad could cope! Especially if the brother was a Basset!

Slobbers from the Falklands.


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Mac, I see Ernest was the first in to welcome you. You basset boys totally stick together. You must go searching for General Jackson. He's famous! Nice to meet you.

Baron Von Woofer said...

Thanks for the welcomes, y'all (Hey, I'm in Texas...). I'll be adding eveyrone to my side bar soon.

- Mac