Monday, June 18, 2007

Baron Von Woofer: A Brief History

My nickname may seem weird to some... but you should meet my parents. Before I became part of the family, Killian reigned supreme. Mom said he was "her little prince." When I did make my first appearance back in Christmas of 2005, they dubbed me "The Baron" as I had to show some deference to Killian. The mom and dad refer to all dogs as "woofers" so the nickname "Baron Von Woofer" came about rather quickly.

Like I said, my parents are a little weird.

Anyway, dad is going away for a couple days... some kind of business trip. I don't understand it all, but I know it keeps kibble in the bowl, so it's OK. I probably won't post anything new until he gets back. In the meantime, here are some old school Mac photos.
This was my first day with the family, back in our old apartment. Killian and I took a nap together.
This is me, outside the apartment. We found out that I had some sickness called "puppy strangles" which is why my face is all red and puffy. Mom saved my life by taking me to the vet. I had to take steroids and other medicine. Despite the steroids, I did not grow up to be a Great Dane. Good thing... I like being a Basset.
My first bath. I hate baths.

This is me just being cute. Now you can see why Daisy digs me.

This is me and mom laying out by the pool this spring. Dad was cutting the grass. Too bad for him... should have bought three lounge chairs. We've been in our house for a year, and it's great. I have my own yard to run around in and chase rabbits... never catch any though.


Kerrio said...

Oh.. You were CUTE. Ok you still are cute, but you had a puppy Basset cuteness at that point that only puppy Bassets can have.

Of course puppy Basset cuteness also comes with puppy Basset naughtiness so on balance you are actually cuter now.

Did I dig my way out of that one?

PiratesGrrl said...

We were dropping by to say hi! We like your blog and your pics!!

We live by DFW Airport so we're *almost* neighbors!

Samantha the Basset & The Other Brats

nm said...


You are a very handsome lad. I'm not sure about the bath in the sink. I think I was never small enough for that.

Does your dad travel a lot? My moms believe that you should leave your dog in lock down for eternity.

They are cruel, but sometimes, they go right over Plano on their way in to DFW!



Baron Von Woofer said...

Kerrio... yeah, that was a good recovery. And I am pretty good... I only chew on socks and underwear. I also like to perch on the couch, so I can get a better view of the front door. The parents don't like that, but hey... I'm a watchdog!

pirates... thanks for dropping by!

nm... they both travel from time to time, but not tooo much. Sometimes I am in lockdown, but I kind of like playing with the other dogs... we have a lot of "puppy spas" in this area, so I am lucky.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi again

I've added you. Well mistress has. Not my department.

A word of advice. That sink business doesn't look too clever. Best to avoid it.

Or better still, make 'em take it out. Mine don't have a sink - not that I would fit anyway..

Ruffs Pippa

Baron Von Woofer said...

I don't fit in the sink anymore anyway... now it is tubs for me. Sigh.